Tuesday, February 21, 2006

OpiumMagazine.Live #16

Reading. Estimated listening time: 19:50. Live with Jonathan Ames at the Opium Gala, February 4th, 2006. Recorded at The Slipper Room. Originally published in The New York Observer.

Monday, February 06, 2006

OpiumMagazine.Live #15

Reading. Estimated listening time: 13:58. Last Request by Dennis DiClaudio. Recorded live at .reading #8, 17 November 2005 at Happy Ending, NYC. Featured in opiummagazine.print #2.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

OpiumMagazine.Live #14

Reading. Estimated listening time: 7:50. Dear Santa by Elizabeth Koch. Recorded live at .reading #9, 15 December 2005 at Happy Ending, NYC.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

OpiumMagazine.Live #13

Story. Estimated listening time: 14:45. Basta Cosi by Michelle Orange. Part 10 of 12.

Monday, December 05, 2005

OpiumMagazine.Live #12

Story. Estimated listening time: 5:45. Broken Enter by Shya Scanlon.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Upgrades And Face-Lifts

The information presented in this post is, at the time of writing, already a couple of weeks stale and kind of cold, but it's also assumed that the information is not widely known. So, it shall be treated as if it were as fresh and amazing as the day it was first announced (which it sort of is... you know what? nevermind).

The news is that starting with OpiumMagazine.Live #11 the podcast now features, in addition to the spoken word, the written word as well. Nick Antosca, who wrote "Ashes, Snow, and Fever Dreams", asked if it would be possible to include the text of the poem along with the audio, and the answer turned out to be, "Well, there isn't any real reason why it couldn't be done..."

So it was.

Unfortunately, it is far from perfect at this point. The face-lift is exclusive to the Apple iPod brand of MP3 player. It also only seems to work with fifth generation (henceforth "5G") iPods like the nano and the video (No tests have been made on the 4G iPod Photos or minis yet). And it only seems to work if the file is downloaded directly off the Opium Magazine website; podcasts that are automatically downloaded through iTunes or iPodder seem to lose the ability to display lyric information (probably something to do with the file being filtered through FeedBurner).

Still, we feel that it's an awful nifty feature and we hope that whomever takes the extra time to notice enjoys it just as much.

Far more importantly, the .live studio just recieved a fairly massive influx of new recording equipment. Actually, some of it was just lying around un-used and it will soon seeing front-line action; the rest was purchased today. Among these items are:

- A Behringer B1 cardioid studio condenser microphone
- A brand-new Presonus TubePre vacuum tube microphone preamp
- And a 6" Mogami XLR(F)-to-1/8" cable

The entirity of .live's portable recording gear is now housed in two rather ominous looking steel carrying cases -- sure to be mistaken for home-brew WMDs on the subway -- which also store our MiniDisc recorder, our library of past episodes, blank discs, cables, adaptors, tape, pens, and cracker crumbs.

But what does all of this mean to you, the reader/listener? It means just this: from here on out, .live is going to kick twice as much ass and sound 10x as good. The new mic and preamp are really set to boost the fidelity of each show, to the point where you're going to think you're listening to a book-on-tape or NPR.

And this is a good thing because there are even bigger and better things planned for .live in the near-future.

Until then...

Coming next week:

Michelle Orange, who rocked the mic at Happy Ending back in November, will be reading material of hers, possibly something from Pindeldyboz, McSweeney's, or any of her other pubished works.

And she's going to sound amazing.

Monday, November 21, 2005

OpiumMagazine.Live #11

Poem. Estimated listening time: 1:55. Ashes, Snow, and Fever Dreams by Nick Antosca. Read by Mina Kim.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

OpiumMagazine.Live #10

Reading. Estimated listening time: 6:04. I Carry A Hammer In My Pocket For Occasions Such As These, Many Fine Marriages Begin At Friend's Parties, & Really Happy Day by Anthony Tognazzini. Recorded live at .reading #7, 20 Oct. 2005 at Happy Ending, NYC.

Monday, November 07, 2005

OpiumMagazine.Live #9

Story. Estimated listening time: 10:50. Grand Marshal by Clay McLeod Chapman.

Monday, October 31, 2005

OpiumMagazine.Live #8

Poetry. Estimated listening time: 6:37. I Am About To Kill My Literary Agent, I Want To Pour Orange Juice On My Face, I Want To Start A Band, & I Went Fishing With My Family When I Was Five by Tao Lin.